Rapaid Fabric Dressing Strips Box 50

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Rapaid Low Allergy Dressings - Latex Free

Extra wide strip


Extra strong adhesion

Did you know that many first aid dressings contain Latex and a percentage of the population is allergic to Latex?

Signs and symptoms can vary from person to person. A mild reaction to Latex may produce scratching of the hands & arms or areas that have had direct contact with the latex product.

These symptoms may progress to skin blisters and spread to other areas of the body. More severe reactions include itchy, watery eyes, swelling of lips, tongue or face, breathlessness, dizziness and nausea.

Eliminating the use of Latex products is difficult due to the high number of products that contain Latex. In keeping with Rapaid's charter to supply gentle, non-toxic first aid and skin care, we have produced a range of premium quality sensitive skin dressing strips under the Rapaid brand.

Minimize the Risk - Latex Free Products

Rapaid Dressings are Latex free and hypoallergenic, and therefore safe for use on sensitive skin. Now when you have a small accident and need a dressing strip to cover the wound, rest assure that it will be safe to use.

  • Fabric that stretches and conforms to the skin – Aids comfort and also offers better sealing of the wound
  • Good adhesion keeps the strip in place
  • Cushioned non-stick pad protects the wound from bumps and scrapes – aiding faster healing